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Driver’s Licence “Literacy” Regulation

A 1998 regulation (47 O.S. 6-107.3) create new standards for young children between the ages of 16 and 18 who make an application for an Oklahoma driver’s certificate. Homeschoolers suffer from this law. What the law states areas (summing up) that kids between the ages of 16 and 18 who want to apply for a driver’s license will have to offer you proof of education enrollment and cross a criterion-referenced learning take a look at in the eighth-class view it level.

Homeschoolers ought to provide proof of registration for their teenager such as a made, agreed upon declaration attesting that your kids is getting education by other options pursuant to Area 4 of Piece XIII of your Oklahoma Constitution. This document will most likely be furnished by the Driver’s Authorization Examining Station.

Homeschoolers could make schemes to take the checking out check out at various destinations integrating local community schools, privately owned educational institutions, and vo-techs. Part of the tests which may be “okayed” by your area comprise: Action, SAT, Period, CTBS, GMRT, ITBS, MAT7, Nelson-Denny, SRA Achievement Selection and Online survey of Standard Methods, Extensive Examining Software III, ITED, Oklahoma Key Courses Exam (CRT), Celebrity, Touch, TABE, and TAAS.

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